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A city wealthy in water resources, a classic reason for being prosperous, the valley of Khansar is full of springs as mentioned before. That’s the main reason of the city’s birth as a small village first and growing to a city as time goes on. The city is developed from north to south by the river.
The city was initially located in the southern part of the valley, which are now fields and rangelands. One of the main reasons they moved to northern part was easier access to the Khansar River and the many springs such as Pir, Kharckhan, Shotorkhan, Marzangoosh at the north side of the valley.
The main produce of the city are: wheat and barley, fodder, potato, beans, grape, walnut, almond and apricot.
Khansar is famous for its unique honey with a long history, today there is around 3200 bee colonies which they produce more than350 tons of honey for the country or even abroad each year.
Nuts and dried fruits such as walnuts, almond and dried apricot are also some of other products of this city.
6000 out of 40,000 people in the city are farmers and ranchers, 4200 in service careers, and 600 are in industry.
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