The Khansar’s’’ Pir’’ tomb (Khansar’s father tomb)
It is one of the oldest historical places in the beautiful city of Khansar. It has been built during Safavid era following the king’s wish (order). The grave belongs to the person, which is founder of Jafarie sect at the beginning of the seventh century. It was build with stone on the pir spring first but it was reconstructed to Seljuqi style later in Safavid time. It’s a holly place for locals and tourists.

Imamzadeh Seyed Ahmad (Seyed Ahmad’s shrine mausoleum)
It is located in south of the city next to the main river in Ayatollah Khansari St. and is also known as ‘’Shahzadeh Ahmad’’. It is believed that he is one of Imam Hadi’s (the ninth Imam of Shia) descendants. The mausoleum has a double shell dome that is located right above the tomb and there are two minarets on each side of the dome to enhance the beauty of its architecture

Imamzadeh Seyed Saleh
Imamzadeh Seyed Saleh Qeysar is located in Bidhand of Khansar, which according to its pedigree (family tree) he is one of imam musa’ebn Jafar’s descendants. Also some of his spiritual states has been mentioned in the pedigree and confirmed by local trustees This Imamzadeh has lots of followers in Lorestan and Bakhtiary states.

Imamzadeh Mahmud
This honourable person is related to Imam Hadi (the ninth Imam of Shia) according to local people. The building belongs to Safavid dynasty. The monument has a twelve-sided dome cone. It is believed that the famous Baba Turk has brought the gold on top of the dome himself and his grave is also there, that’s why this place is called Baba Turk as well. There is also a water storage (ab’anbar) in this place.

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