A flourishing area with nice climate and covered by milk vetch and scallion everywhere and various wild flowers, is located in south of the city between Khansar and Isfahan. It’s an area about 10 km, full of different plants specially red fritillaries.

Sarcheshmeh Park
One the famous tourist and local attraction of the city, it is around 15 square km and is located in the south of the city on Khansar mount’s hillside. Thousands of tourists come here from all over the country during the year in all seasons. Springs like Shotorkhan, and Pir close to sheik aba adman’s tomb and a jungle in the hillside. The nice weather and comfortable circumstance makes it suitable for picnic on weekends.

A natural spring next to Sarcheshmeh which has been re-constructed recently, though other springs close to it, Pir and the central pond (pool) of Sarcheshmeh, are not touched that much. These three springs are the water that flows in the city until they join the eastern water streams and make the Khansar’s river. Eastern streams had been some alluvial fan down the hillside.

Sangshir Natural Park
This amazing promenade is in Bidahend area (Sangshir) and is one of the natural tourist attractions because of the aqueduct and the river next to it plus the jungles around it.

Gardangah (Gardaneh)
This old mountainous pathway with graceful weather and pleasing scenarios is just like a walkway in paradise.

Koocheh Bagh
Besides all the natural and historical places in Khansar, there are also lots of gardens in the city in a way that if you look at the city from the hills, you hardly see the houses and it’s all greeneries. Another eye-catching scenery in Khansar is the amazing ‘’Koocheh Bagh’’. The alleyways with old brick walls on the sides and trees extending out of gardens, much taller than the walls create beautiful walking paths. The old burly trees represent colourful and beautiful corridors from place to place in the city.

Limestone caves
There are lots of caves in the area with different scales (size), some are even more than 2500 m height, the most famous one in the city called eshkoft or eshkoft which is a limestone cave located in the south east of the city. Its entrance is about 10 m and is as holy as a temple for locals. Other interesting example is a small one 5km from eshkoft cave that has a natural column that looks like a status with a hood, which is called ‘’OMAR’’ Statue by locals. Damaneh cave on the way from Khansar to Isfahan and in Damaneh valley and another one in cardoon valley at mount Heike’s hillside are some other ones. Damaneh with 35m length is dried now.

Darband valley
Darband is located 5 kilometres from Khansar towards Boeen. The embankment dam next to the beautiful mountains is an attractive location. There is also a picturesque dreamy valley called anzhdar in the same area.

Bagh-kal dam
They have started the construction at 2005 and were fully utilized in 2010. This dam is located 2 km from Khansar to Isfahan on the way to Baghkal River.

Timreh prehistoric rock art ecomuseum
An ecomuseum is a museum focused on the identity of a place, largely based on local participation and aiming to enhance the welfare and development of local communities. Ecomuseums are in the heart of nature where you can observe the ancient art and monuments at the same time. The most interesting part here is that we can see the same climate characteristic that have made that certain culture in one package. Here you will find a beautiful landscape, hiking, listening to the leaders explanations and observation of a prehistoric side. For the first time in Iran, in Timreh people can see galleries and museums aged around 40,000 years next to an amazing nature and pleasant climate all at the same time.

Moteh wild life refuge
It is situated in north of Isfahan province, north west of Meimeh and south west of Delijan, and the Moteh village is located right in the middle of the refuge. The refuge is one of the national treasures of Iran. Specially for its unique plants and being a suitable habitat for deer and its breeding. It has two main parts, one is plain and flat, which is habitat for deer and the other part, is mountainous which is habitat of rams, ewe and goat.

Fereydoonshahr Ski Resort
Is located in a mountain pass called Cheghiurt village of the Isfahan province within 3 km to city of Fereydoonshahr. It is the highest ski resort in the area and the central plateau of Iran and the only one in the Isfahan province in accordance with the standard rules. It has unique steep of about 35 degrees.

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