Pedari Hotel
Is one of the most important economic activities all around the world nowadays, this field of tourism let people know more about the importance of culture and nature and how to protect it.
The Iranian plateau has a special situation which provides different climate and eco systems in the area that make a huge climate variety from province to province or even city to city, therefor knowing the area and its characteristic can help us to improve the tourism industry.
The natural resources of Isfahan province is identified and classified. According to this research 90% of the whole area is natural resources like fields and ranges, desert, sand prairie, natural or under construction artificial jungles.
Based on that data there is 27900 hectare suitable for eco tourism which are distributed in different cities such as: Khansar, Chadegan, Fereydoonshahr, Samirom and Golpaygan.
We hope with such potential in the area we could replace eco tourism with polluting industries.
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